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(This syllabus is for reference only.  It is subject to change by individual instructors)

The Course

Math 102 College Algebra is a 5-credit, college-level mathematics course that requires a pre-requisite of Math 098 Intermediate Algebra with a grade of 2.0 or better, or appropriate placement score. Math 102 will satisfy both the math and the quantitative reasoning requirements for an Associate of Arts degree. This course transfers to four-year colleges or universities as math credits. This course is designed to bridge the gap between Intermediate Algebra and Pre-Calculus

Material Covered

1.     Functions and their graphs

2.     Polynomial and rational functions

3.     Exponential and logarithmic functions

4.     Analytic geometry

5.     Systems of equations and inequalities

6.     Matrices and determinants


Hawkes Learning Systems:COLLEGE ALGEBRA
ISBN:0-918091-59-4 or 978-0-918091-59-8 Bundled with

Paul Sisson, Louisiana State University at Shreveport
ISBN: 1-932628-29-0 or 978-1-932628-29-6

     If you plan to purchase your course materials off campus, make sure the materials containing the valid license for online GradeBook. 

You may contact Hawkes Learning Systems' technical support via email at, or by phone at (843) 571-2825.


Class Format

This online course utilizes Hawkes Learning Systems' courseware.   Discussions among students will be through the Hawkes' website discussion board.  Hawkes' courseware consists of CD's, a textbook, and a license for online Grade-book.  The CD's will offer a multimedia presentation of every section and intelligent tutoring.  The textbook contains the same topics as in the CD's.  The instructor will assign a set of homework exercises through the online Gradebook.  Students complete the homework online and the results will be recorded online by the Gradebook. 


We recommend you use your own calculator. Graphing calculators (such as TI 83) are recommended. It is important to be comfortable with your own calculator. You are allowed to use the calculator on your graded tests.

Special Needs

If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, or if you have emergency medical information to share with me, or if you need special arrangements, or if you have other concerns you would like to express, please feel free to call, email, or see your instructor on campus. If we need to make any special arrangements for you, you must meet with Roxanne Tillman, located in RS 12, Robert Smith Building, the Disability Support Services office at 206-763-5137 to coordinate reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities Note that there is free private tutoring available in the Special Students Services Center (RS 18) and in the Student Success Service (RS 66 Click). The MAST tutoring center in RS18 (206 763-5137) is available for the math tutoring.


Click the Practice button in your online lesson and do all practice problems.  Click the Certify button in your online lesson, do all Certify problems. 


There will be four tests and one comprehensive final exam. Your instructor will contact you regarding the procedure for taking the tests.
The method that has been mostly used is that students take tests on SSCC campus at times and place the instructor indicates by email.  Another method for students who live far away from Seattle is as follows: Each test will be mailed to your proctor in a sealed envelope along with a Proctor Sheet and Student Directions. You may find appropriate proctor at the testing center at your local community college or any other educational institution. (Not appropriate are family members, friends, and your boss.)
You are to do the test in one sitting, of one hour or less, with no assistance from others. (The final exam is to be taken in one sitting of two hours or less.)  A scientific calculator is allowed.  Proctor will send the test back to your instructor using US mail. Again, your instructor will contact you regarding the procedure for the tests.

The grading scale is given below:

  • 95% - 100%             4.0

  • 90% - 94.9%            3.7

  • 85% - 89.9%            3.3

  • 80% - 84.9%            2.9

  • 75% - 79.9%            2.4

  • 70% - 74.9%            2.0

  • 65% - 69.9%            1.7

  • 60% - 64.9%            1.4

  • Below 60%              0.0

The option to take a grade of an NC (No Credit - which does not affect your grade point average, but may affect financial aid status) is open to you only if both of the following conditions are met.

  1. You have been working on the materials regularly.

  2. You email/send a written request for an NC to your instructor before the last week of the quarter.

(Your instructor may change some policies in the syllabus.)


  Sections covered in MATH 102
  Chapter 1: Number Systems and Fundamental Concepts of Algebra
1.1 The Real Number System
1.2 The Arithmetic of Algebraic Expressions
1.3a Properties of Exponents
1.3b Scientific Notation and Geometric Problems Using Exponents
1.4a Properties of Radicals
1.4b Rational Number Exponents
1.5 Polynomials and Factoring
1.6 The Complex Number System
  Test 1 on Chapter 1
  Chapter 2: Equations and Inequalities of One Variable
2.1a Linear Equations in One Variable
2.1b Applications of Linear Equations in One Variable
2.2 Linear Inequalities in One Variable
2.3 Quadratic Equations in One Variable
2.4 Higher Degree Polynomial Equations
2.5 Rational Expressions and Equations
2.6 Radical Equations
  Chapter 3: Linear Equations and Inequalities of Two Variables
3.1 The Cartesian Coordinate System
3.2 Linear Equations in Two Variables
3.3 Forms of Linear Equations
  test 2 on Chapters 2 and 3
  Chapter 4: Relations, Functions, and their Graphs
4.1 Relations and Functions
4.2a Linear and Quadratic Functions
4.2b Max/Min Applications of Quadratic Functions
4.3a Other Common Functions
4.4 Transformations of Functions
  Chapter 5: Polynomial Functions
5.1 Introduction to Polynomial Equations and Graphs
5.2 Polynomial Division and the Division Algorithm
5.3 Locating Real Zeros of Polynomials
5.4 The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
  Test 3 on Chapters 4 and 5
  Chapter 7: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
7.1 Exponential Functions and their Graphs
7.2 Applications of Exponential Functions
7.3 Logarithmic Functions and their Graphs
7.4 Properties and Applications of Logarithms
7.5 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
  Chapter 8: Systems of Equations
8.1 Solving Systems by Substitution and Elimination
8.2 Matrix Notation and Gaussian Elimination
8.3 Determinants and Cramer's Rule
  Test 4 on Chapters 7, and 8
  Final exam on all chapters above